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Friday, April 15, 2005



First off, I am absolutely and completely jealous that you can still be at home at 8 am and not be late to school! LOL. I leave home at 6 am because my school starts at the ungodly hour of 7am (teachers required to be there at 6:40).

Second, good luck with your lists! It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. I always find making lists help me to get things done too...Although, I usually only get one good work day out of me on any given weekend...LOL.

New furniture sounds exciting! :)


Hey Mon,
Join the "out-of-control" club!
I am feeling the same way these days :(
Jonah is not a good daytime sleeper..ugh
We need some phone and clean chats ;)
Cept we will both end up in the tub..lolol

Feel better!


Hey Lisa and Katrina... thanks for stopping in to post... schools over for the day and I'm feeling a bit better but need to get up tomorrow morning and attack the things I have to do today. Ironically I have been doing the book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens" with my class and today we hit on the chapter about time management and organization and the four quadrants. Reminded me that I need to get back to a place where I am less stressed and more in control yet one more time. I'm feeling confident that I can get some things done this weekend. Lisa - expect a call or 500 girlfriend... and no tub until some work has been done ;).

Katrina - I live about a 90 second drive from the school... I really should walk as it takes all of 10 minutes but once I have all of mine and Mikey's stuff packed up the walk seems overwhelming ;). We start our day at 8:40 and teachers are supposed to be there at the lastest at 8:20 but I like to be there around 8 if possible (which is not very often it seems). Classes finish at 3:15. I know lots of schools that start by 8 and are done by 2:30 but I'm thinking that would be almost impossible for me as I have a hard enough time with this start time!

Anyway... I promise tomorrow I will get some work done ;). Maybe - lol.


Ha! ;) You spent the day blog surfing;) hehe


LOL... you caught me :). I did get some cleaning done (not nearly what I wanted but close) and I'm feeling confident about the report card marks that I have to hand in tomorrow. Although I'm not completely caught up on marking, I'm caught up enough to feel confident that their marks reflect what they are currently doing :).

Making the decision to stay put for next year and do some work on this house in the summer has really helped with the feelings that I've been battling and I'm feeling like a peaceful state of mind has returned.

Now if they would just set Mikey's dental work date for the hospital and we can get that over with I will be all good :).

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